Cain Withdraws

Looks like Hermain Cain has had to withdraw from the Republican Presidential Race. The lastest allegation of a long term affair seemed to be the final straw for the Cain Presidential bid. It is funny that this would probably be a resume enhancer if Cain was a Democrat but because of the demographics of the Republican party he has been dropping like a rock in the Republican polls.

This seems to leave Gingrich at the top of the heap for Republican party. Many say that it would be a lot of fun to see Obama try to debate Gingrich. Most feel like Gingrich is typically the smartest guy in the room almost anywhere he goes. If I was Obama I would be very afraid!!

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  1. I say blame President Obama cause g-d knows old Herman is not going to take the wrap for his horn balling. If all is peorvn true, then Cain might as well bow out right now because he wont be winning the republican nomination let alone the national elections. The man cant keep his mouth zipped. His attempts to sell himself with a book tour has made him a joke and nothing more. But this could be good for the democrats because that would mean the nomination battle would be between Rick Perry, who has clearly peorvn himself completely certifiable and Romney, who has already declared his allegiance to degrading the middle class. Believe me I don’t mind my president having some the occasional hooker and blow party but there is a time for everything.

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