Paula Deen said the N-Word

Does saying the N-word make you racist?

Southern television chef and personality Paula Deen has been in hot water recently after she admitted to using racial slurs in a court disposition. Since the incident her television show been dropped from the Food Network, her cookbooks dropped by Random House Publishing, and today it was announced retailers such as Kmart, Sears and Walgreens have decided to pull all of her products off the shelves.

According to a transcript of Deen’s deposition, an attorney asked Deen if she has ever used the N-word.

“Yes, of course,” Deen replied, though she added: “It’s been a very long time.” When asked to elaborate on the context she used the word she remarked it happened once when a black male held a gun to her head during a bank robbery.

Comedian Deon Cole brings about a good point: “Isn’t that when you’re supposed to say it?”

Deen’s assumed downfall has brought race back into the forefront of public discussion and reminds many of past, poor, race relations in the South.  However the connotation and use of the word “nigger” seems to have changed since the time of U.S. slavery.

Originally the word was meant to refer to black slaves – human beings that were only considered to be 3/5ths of a person.  Now the word is used differently.  African Americans often use the word as a term of endearment to each other, usually pronounced “nigga.”  White people often use the word to refer to a black person who commits crime, is considered dangerous or harmful to society.

When used in this context – by white people- it is often considered racist.  However the word’s meaning is universally understood.  To contrast, the term “white trash” is used to describe white people who commit crime, do drugs or are considered harmful to society.  Other races in American that use the term would not be considered racist. Maybe the difference between the two terms is that one word takes its root from slavery, however there is still a discrepancy.

The big debate here is why is this word so taboo and why does it automatically mark its user as a racist?  Paula Deen later apologized to the public but how much harm can a word really create? By many accounts, Deen is regarded as a good person who employees (and is friends with) many members of the black race.  Do actions outweigh words?  There is no universal way to measure how racist someone is.

Maybe the public should make a “Deen’s List” of every racist and non – racist act Paula Deen has ever committed.  Then the public could somehow weight how racist or non racist a person is.  Alas, even if we could there is no way to know how a person feels in their heart.

The N-word may be the ultimate curse word of our generation, which is part of its appeal.  If they NSA ever decides to listen into an Xbox live session of “Call of Duty” they could expect to hear the word shouted every time a gamer dies within the game.  Sometimes the goal of saying “nigger” aloud is simply the gratifying shock value it brings as the most taboo word in our culture.

My final question is why does anyone care what Paula Deen says?  She is a celebrity chef on the Food Network – famous for her doughnut burgers and ample use of butter.  We aren’t discussing someone that actually has a sway over public opinion or politics.  If you don’t agree with Paula Deen’s views, like her television show or even the way she talks – people can change the channel.

If anything it is rare to see a celebrity such as Deen answer a question of this type honestly.  We don’t have to agree with her actions but she should be commended for telling the truth.  Last time I checked America still has freedom of speech.  Her partners and fans certainly have the right to stop supporting Deen, but let’s not condemn someone solely for using a word we don’t agree with.


Schools Closing in Muscogee County

Schools Closing - Let your voice be heard! With so many things going on in our world from attacks and bombing and people dying left and right. You never would have thought you would hear about a school having to close down. I mean education like is supposed to be the number one priority. But just recently the Muscogee county school district has been forced to make some tough decisions.

With having to make budget cuts they are having to cut some teachers and close three local schools. As of right now Marshall middle school, Edgewood elementary school and Richards middle which is the rumored third school. This isn’t the first time a school has had to close down in our area Morningside elementary closed down in 1980. That wasn’t easy for the many people that attended that school and had to see it go. But with a $40 million deficit some understand why the cuts are being made. There are so they argue why do we have money to hire new police and build more jails and prisons but, money for education comes last. We as a community should all stand together and try to face this together and, not let go of teachers and make it hard for families to make ends meet. We already are in a hard economic time and we as a community don’t need to make it worse and more difficult.

Everyone should make sure at this time their voice is being heard and not over looked because this effects everyone not just the school board. As a state law it is required to have a vote to whether or not to close the schools down. To make your voice count you can attend the Edgewood hearing at Edgewood cafeteria, 3835 Forrest Road, May 14 and May 15, 6 p.m. If you would like to attend the one for Marshall it will be at the Marshall auditorium, 1830 Shepherd Drive, May 14 and 15, 6 p.m. If you have any more concerns or would just like to ask a question you can connect Mrs. Fuller at or 706-748-2034. Don’t miss out on your chance to put a stop to having great schools close down in our tri city area.

Presidential Primary Watch: Newt to Stop in Columbus

With Super Tuesday just days a way, Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich will be making a pit stop in Columbus Friday night at the airport. The Georgia native will be making an appearance tonight at 8 p.m. and is expected to stay for about an hour. Gingrich, along with the other Republican candidates, has been making a strong campaign push in hopes of coming out on top of the highly contested primary race to determine who will be facing President Obama in the upcoming general election in November.

It was also rumored that Rick Santorum would be in Columbus Saturday with his campaign, but recent reports have stated otherwise. However, a pro-life group of Santorum supporters will be taking a tour bus down Broadway early Saturday hoping to get undecided voters to rally for their candidate in primary.

Polls open Tuesday morning 7 a.m.

Cain Withdraws

Looks like Hermain Cain has had to withdraw from the Republican Presidential Race. The lastest allegation of a long term affair seemed to be the final straw for the Cain Presidential bid. It is funny that this would probably be a resume enhancer if Cain was a Democrat but because of the demographics of the Republican party he has been dropping like a rock in the Republican polls.

This seems to leave Gingrich at the top of the heap for Republican party. Many say that it would be a lot of fun to see Obama try to debate Gingrich. Most feel like Gingrich is typically the smartest guy in the room almost anywhere he goes. If I was Obama I would be very afraid!!

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Latest Republican Polls

The Repulicans are having quite a race!! Here are the latest polls


20% Romney
19% Gingrich
14% Cain
10% Paul
8% Perry

Gingrich and Cain top the Positive Intensity Score ( Strongly Favorable – Strongly Unfavorable)


Average of Several Polls Including CNN,Fox News, USAToday and others
23.2% Gingrich
21% Romney
18.2 Cain
7.7% Perry
7.5% Paul

There is obviously a long way to go but right now Gingrich is surging based on his strong debating skills. Most of us feel pretty slow when we listen to Gingrich speak.

Herman Cain seems to have lost some traction….

So for now it looks like a 3 man Race… Gingrich, Romney and Cain