Taste of the Valley: Lunchtime

When it comes to your lunch hour, don’t get stuck in a rut with the same old cuisine and waste this most sacred time of the work day. Why not try out some of these new hot spots to satisfy your midday appetite?

Crepe Myrtle
This little gem in the Landings offers a twist on classic sandwich options in the form of, yep, you guessed it: crepes. Crepe Myrtle in the Landings brings to Columbus the taste of the original Crepe Myrtle Cafe, a popular eatery in Auburn. With tasty selections ranging from Pesto Steak to Roasted Veggie, or my personal favorite Caesar Chicken, this fresh take on the sandwich hits the spot. And yes, they have the panini option if you’re not feeling particularly adventurous (but seriously, get the crepe!).

The Grill
Wanting a great place to have that splurge meal for the week? Try a tasty burger or melt at our town’s newest diner, The Grill. They have some great dishes that might not be so good for you diet, but will certainly please your tastebuds. The Grill provides that small town diner feel with some really flavorful food to boot. This place is likely to become a Columbus staple, as their slogan says it all: “Where the local people meet and eat!”

Your Pie
This place is a topping lover’s dream! Your Pie gives everyone the opportunity to be a pizza artist, as you get to put together a delectable personal piece with over 30 different toppings, 10 cheeses, and 8 sauces to choose from. With 20 of those toppings at no additional charge, there’s no need to compromise on what you want on your pizza ever again! They also offer specialty pizzas, along with calzones, paninis, and bread-bowl salads. And once you’ve polished off your personal brick-oven masterpiece, don’t skip out on the decadent tiramisu gelato. You won’t be sorry.