Three Essential Quick Fixes to Help You Sell

Sell Your Home

On a budget or have a time crunch and need to sell your home? Here is a few really
good ideas to improve the look and feel of your home quickly and inexpensively which
are sure to get you some buyer activity.


Your home can never be too tidy or too clean and in today’s tough seller’s
market and it better be both. Here is where you want to spend the most time so get
started early and make it count. Closets, pantries and garages are the most cluttered
areas of our homes, remove what you can and make neat piles of the rest. Scrub
everything in all baths and kitchen and remove everything you can from countertops,
table tops and corners except a few colorful and tasteful decorative items.
Once you are satisfied that you did your best cleaning job, get the carpets shampooed.


Do you have any rooms that are painted anything other than soft clean colors?
Are there fingerprints or scuffed baseboards around the house? Repaint any dark
or bold rooms with a warm beige paint and touch up baseboards with left over paint
in the garage. It’s only paint you say and they will probably repaint once they move
in but right now you want to create a positive feeling about the house and a fresh
coat of paint in a light color is not only easy to do but will make your home
seem brighter, cleaner, and more inviting.

Trim & Spruce

When the “for sale” sign goes up you don’t want anyone to drive right by
and not want to see more. Spend a day sprucing up the front yard. If your
plants are covering most of the house no one will be able to actually see what
you have to offer. Trim trees and bushes down to reveal more of your home.
Pressure wash any dirt away and spruce up the entrance. A few inexpensive
annual plants in coordinating colors are a must. Repaint the front door,
replace the hardware if needed and adorn the door with a seasonal wreath.

These few fundamental tips will go a long way in helping your home stand out from
the competition. More and more people want “move in ready” today in a home that they buy.
Make yours appeal to this type of buyer!

Bob Lipply is the Broker / Owner of Lipply Real Estate Company with offices in Clearwater, FL selling great homes in Tampa and awesome property throughout the bay area on the west side of Florida.

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