The 10 Best Video Games from the PS3/Xbox 360 generation (part 1)

  1. Battlefield 3

This game is – bar none – the best online multiplayer experience in video games.  Maps are huge and players have a variety of weapons and vehicles to utilize in order to kill their opponents.  There are about 100 different ways to play in a game that calls for players to work as a team to win their objective.  The premium edition of this game offers over 20 maps and 10 different play modes.

  1. Bioshock Infinite


Set in 1912, this game tells the story of a down on his luck gambler named Booker forced to travel to a strange city in the sky to pay off his debt.  His mission is to kidnap a mysterious girl from the clutches of a strange, cult like, dystopia where issues such as manifest destiny, religion and race are booming issues amongst the floating city.   The FPS game play may come off as stale to some players, but the plot never ceases to interest.  The voice acting and art direction are phenomenal as well.

  1. The Last of Us

This game is a PS3 exclusive from developers Naughty Dog, famous for their “Uncharted” series.  This game has similar 3rd person combat, but takes a much more serious tone.   The setting of TLOS is a zombie apocalypse, which could turn off some players who are tired of the zombie trend.  The good news is this isn’t your typical zombie game, but is instead an intense character study between the two leads, Joel and Ellie, as they travel across the country trying to survive both their surroundings and each other.  The game takes realism to a new level.  Everything looks almost photo realistic and each combat encounter comes across as brutal and violent.

  1. Metal Gear Solid 4

MGS4 is the long awaited finale to the Metal Gear series.  The game continues the stealth game play of its predecessors, asking gamers to quietly CQC and sneak around enemies. The plots of these games are terrific, but don’t expect to understand this games plot without playing the previous installments.  Those looking to get into the series, I recommend buying the recently released Metal Gear solid collections to catch up.  MGS4 however can only be played on the PS3.

Alan Wake is a breath of fresh air in gaming by taking its inspiration from Stephen King novels and the popular TV show “Twin Peaks.”  The game feels like playing a great suspense/horror novel.  Author Alan Wake travels to a small town in the Pacific Northwest to find inspiration for his latest novel, when he is attacked by nightmarish monsters straight from his own imagination.  To defeat Alan’s nightmares, the player must shine a flashing light in order to weaken them.  The plot unfolds in episodes and the players are able to read pages straight from Alan’s book that eerily describes future events to happen in the game.  This is an Xbox exclusive.

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